Emergency Upliftment

Get Modern Equipment Installed in Your 
Vehicle for Emergency Upliftment

State-Of-The-Art Emergency Upliftment Equipment

Thatsmytruck.com is a hands-on company that acknowledges that your needs can change from year to year. We realize those needs and consult with you the specifics of each order to achieve the utmost efficiency design for each solution. We provide quality upfitting equipment at an affordable price. 

The experienced team at Thatsmytruck.com can customize your vehicle according to your specific needs. We're dedicated to providing and installing quality equipment, while incorporating the latest technologies. Our commitment and knowledge base has been received widely in the law enforcement or emergency field.

Check Out Our Various Vehicle Upfitting Solutions

  • Specializing in 12V wiring
  • Security system and keyless options
  • Light bars and lighting
  • Prisoner transports
  • Storage solutions
  • Mobile data mounts and consoles
  • Partitions
  • Trunk trays
  • Weapon mounts
  • Push bars and bumpers
  • Siren controllers
  • Interior linings and shelving
  • Console solutions
  • Custom builds
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We use products from trusted brands like the Code 3 and Lund Industries.
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